Bonita M. Kolb, Ph.D.

Bonita KolbDo you need help using your community’s creativity and culture to attract visitors?

I can help you develop a tourism strategy that promotes economic development while strengthening local culture and creativity.

What I Offer – Speaking, Consulting, Workshops

Today’s tourist wants to participate in activities. Local art, craft and cultural experiences are a great way of doing so! As a result, the traveler, tourism provider, and the community will all benefit.

Communities can grow their tourism potential through promoting what is unique to them. Before this can happen the city, town or destination needs to first learn how to understand what they have to offer. They then need to learn how to package and promote their unique experiences to new visitor segments.

The workshops I provide are appropriate for both tourism professionals and creative individuals/organizations. Tourism promotions organizations learn how they can use what is local and authentic to attract visitors. Creative individuals and organizations learn how to package and promote what they offer.


The second edition of my book Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns: Using Social Media and Branding to Attract Visitors will be available March 2017. The book focuses on how tourism service providers can attract today’s technologically connected travelers. They can do so with the unique, local and authentic experiences these visitors are demanding.