Why Work After Retirement?

Extra Income – Social Connections – Sense of Purpose

Want (or need) to work after retirement? The growth of the economy in has resulted in employment opportunities in fields from hospitality to logistics. 


The New Retirement Generation

Baby boomers are ignoring the traditional retirement age of 65 and working in retirement. Thirty two percent of those aged 65 to 69 are now employed. In addition, nineteen percent of those aged 70 to 74 are still working. It is expected that these numbers will grow.

Three Reasons to Work After Retirement

Income, connection and a sense of purpose are three reasons for continuing to work.

  1. ¬†Income to help pay the bills or pay for life’s pleasures.
  2. Social interaction that provides a sense of community.
  3. A sense of purpose and a new self-identity.

I will be offering a two-session course through Nashville Community Education this summer. You will learn how to access your skills and then find and apply for part-time jobs!

If you are interested in working after retirement but want to learn more, the first session will help you assess the skills you have to offer an employer. You will then determine which job posting sites have employment opportunities that match your skills.

If you need help with applications, the second session will provide practical information on application forms and short resumes along with a hands on experience applying for jobs.

Nashville Community Education

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