International Tourism Strategies & Bonita Kolb, Ph.D.

International Tourism is Growing

Bonita Kolb

Is your community, lodging industry or cultural organization missing out on attracting international visitors?

You can attract international tourists if you have the right marketing, employee training and customized itineraries.

I Can Help

Hotels and Other Lodging Establishments

Problem: Are you a lodging establishment that struggles to train your employees to deliver the quality service desired by travelers from other countries?

Solution: Working with you I can develop a customized program to train your hotel staff to understand how to communicate and serve across cultural differences. The definition of service quality is not the same in all cultures!


Problem: Are you a Destination Marketing Association, Convention and Visitor Bureau or Chamber that needs help attracting international visitors to your city?

Solution: Together we can develop a tourism strategy that promotes economic development while strengthening the community. Sharing local art, craft and history with visitors is a great way of doing so!

Cultural Organizations

Problem: Are you a cultural organization that would like to see more visitors from outside the area come through your door?

Solution: Using what you already offer, we can create an itinerary for international visitors that can be promoted to tour operators. The mission of the organization can reach farther while revenue is increased!

What I Offer – Consulting, Workshops, Speaking

I work with tourism destinations, lodging establishments and cultural organizations to find solutions to the problems that are limiting their ability to attract international tourists. In addition, through speaking, I spread the message that welcoming international visitors enriches everyone!