Center for the Study of Community and the Economy

Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Community and the Economy (CSCE)

Center for the Study of Community and EconomyAs Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Community and the Economy, along with Dr. Jonathan Williamson, I have undertaken many research projects. Right now I am working on a project for the Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Agency assessing the impact on housing of Marcellus shale development in 37 counties across the state. This work will involve both quantitative and qualitative research.

The original study Marcellus Natural Gas Development’s Effect on Housing in Pennsylvania had an effect on the passage of the state’s natural gas impact fee legislation.

Below is just a sample of the research the Center has undertaken in the last few years.

Energy Industry Research

  • Housing Summit: Tackling Together Marcellus’ Effects on Housing Need
    • Statewide conference of housing stakeholders held at Lycoming College.
    • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Funded
  • Assessing Housing Needs of Marcellus Related Hotel Guests                                        
    • On-site intercept interview research conducted by Lycoming College students.
    • Delta Development Group Funded
  • Marcellus Shale Housing Impact Research
    • Focus group and indepth interviews of housing stakeholders in six Pennsylvania counties.
    • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Funded

Economic Development

  • Generational Differences in Philanthropic Giving                                                          
    • Indepth interviews of current and potential large donors.
    • Lycoming County United Way Funded
  • High School Drop Outs and Employment Services
    • Focus group research of unemployed high school dropouts.
    • Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation Funded
  • The Williamsport City Parks Master Plan Research Report                          
    • Survey, intercept interview and focus group research of cross section of community.
    • SEDA-COG, City of Williamsport Funded
  • Entrepreneur Workshops                               
    • Developed, marketed and taught entrepreneur workshops for community members.
    • Keystone Innovation Zone Funded

Government and Agency Planning and Assessment

  • Lycoming County Needs Assessment.                                                                   
    • Focus group research of county social service programs.
    • STEP Inc. and Lycoming County United Way Funded
  • Communication Process Development Project                                                           
    • Focus group research and organizational change recommendations.
    • Williamsport YWCA Funded
  • Employment Evaluation System Development
    • Focus group research to create new process and forms for employee evaluation.
    • STEP, Inc. Funded
  • Lycoming/Clinton Bi-County Office of Aging Senior Center Planning Project
    • Survey and focus groups of elderly in two counties on senior center use.
    • STEP, Inc. Funded

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