Do You Really Want to Spend Twenty Years of Your Life Just Resting?

You Will Probably Live to be Old

But you don’t need to be bored! The average American will still be alive and probably in good health at age 85 so you should consider working in retirement. If you retire at 65 that means you have 20 years of life to fill. Do you really need that much rest? Do you really have that many hobbies? Do you really have that much money to live off of?

It is not surprising that a majority of Americans plan to continue working in retirement. However, a majority of these people want a different type of job; one that is flexible and with less stress.

Your New Job – Not Like Your Old Job

Your retirement job does not need be in the same field as your career. This means that you will probably make less money as the job may be entry level. However, the joy of a retirement job is that it is no longer your primary source of income. This means that you can explore new fields of work that you have always found of interest.

You may no longer be top management with people under you that follow your orders. However, if you are not on a career ladder, you also won’t get emails late in the day about problems. Leave those to younger workers who are still needing to prove their competence.

You Can Always Quit

An advantage of a retirement job is that you can always quit – and probably get hired back. Most older workers have learned the personal and political skills to get along with everyone at the work site. In addition they are responsible and know how to interact with customers. Chances are that if you get tired of your retirement job and want to quit, your boss will probably welcome you back if and when you want to return.

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