Entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries

Reviews for my book Entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries! [Now being translated into Chinese]

Entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries

Dr. Kolb’s Entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries is a page-turner for artists who possess a drive for success but require the guidance of Kolb’s marketing expertise. Her affinity for the creative crowd offers a refreshing voice for recent graduates and established artists alike.’ – Chelsea Peyton Moore, Creator, Mountain Things Visual Media, United States

‘This is Bonita Kolb’s tour de force – a brilliant amalgamation of entrepreneurship, arts/culture, business and strategic/tactical management into a volume of practical concepts, tools and templates. It’s a superb textbook for management students, a roadmap for entrepreneurial creatives establishing their own enterprises, and a “best practices” reference for established creative industries organizations.’ Theresa A. Kirchner, Associate Professor, Hampton University, USA

Artists, musicians, actors, singers, designers and other creative individuals need to understand basic business concepts if they are to successfully pursue their chosen artistic profession. These skills have historically not been taught to creative students, which leaves them unprepared to make a living from their artistic efforts.Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries will teach the basics of business in a way that is relevant to the challenges of running a small business marketing a creative product.

Whether it is understanding the basics of business language, appreciating the crucial importance of finance, or using social media marketing, this innovative textbook covers the entrepreneurial skills required to succeed in the creative sector. Including advice from artists who have turned their idea in to a profitable business and worksheets that can be combined into a simple business plan, Kolb helps non-business minded creatives to understand everything they need to succeed in the increasingly competitive creative economy.

This textbook is essential reading for non-business students who are looking to understand the business side of the creative sector whilst its practical style will also suit recent graduates in these industries

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