Happy – or not – Valentine’s Day!

Happy (or maybe not so happy) Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has now gone global. What was once considered just a Western holiday is now celebrated in many countries. How important is Valentine’s Day? A research study in the US found that 53% of women would end a relationship if they did not receive a token of love on the day!

Alone on Valentine’s Day?

However not everyone is involved in a romantic relationship. For these customers, the emphasis on romantic love can be a bit depressing.

Here’s how the hospitality industry can help!

Hospitality Industry Events

Host Special Single Events. But be sure to keep it upbeat! No one wants to come to a pity-party.

Market Self Appreciation: What better day to offer a special offer at a spa! While everyone else is having a romantic dinner, singles can enjoy pampering themselves.

Focus on Others: Have a Valentine’s event that focuses on love of the community. A charity event that provides for those less fortunate can put romantic disappointment in perspective.

Sponsor a Seminar: A talk on goal setting can broaden the single person’s perspective and also provide an opportunity for singles to understand they are not alone.

Never Ask: Are Your Alone?

And, hotel personnel please remember – don’t ask “only one?” or “are you alone?” when a single person approaches! After all, no one asks a couple “only two?” or “aren’t there more of you?” Treat single customers exactly the same as a couple!

International Tourism Strategies is now offering a customized English language and guest relations training program for hotel employees at all levels in providing excellent customer service.

As the hotel industry expands there is a need for trained staff. However, many potential employees need extra help in learning to give excellent customer service.

Working with the hotel I provide a customized program to train hotel staff to understand how to communicate and serve across language and cultural differences. Lessons are based on the vocabulary needed by staff so that they can both provide and sell the hotel’s services

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