Hotel Fitness Centers – Guests Say They Want Them But Then Why Don’t They Use Them

Hotel Survey Findings Aren’t Always Accurate

Hospitality organizations know they need to conduct research on what people want. But sometimes the results of a survey differ from what people actually do. For example, a survey was conducted on what amenities people want when they visit a hotel.

A majority of survey respondents stated that fitness was important to them and that they wanted to able to work out while on a trip. So hotels have been busy installing fitness centers, which are costly not just for the initial design and equipment but also the ongoing expense of  maintenance.

But Don’t Use Them!

The survey results were that 46 per cent said that they would use the fitness centers. However in reality only 22 per cent of guest use them. The higher end the hotel, the less likely people are to use the equipment even though they said they planned to do so.

Gap Between Research and Reality

This gap between survey results and actual behavior occurred with other amenities. While 66 per cent of guests want free WI-FI, only 42 per cent use it at the hotel. This is true even with bottled water. Fifty six per cent of guests state they would drink it, but only 49 per cent do.

Conduct Observation Research!

The report’s conclusion? That hotels would be better served by observing the guests actually usage behavior than relying on survey results. People do not always act the way they say they are going to do.

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