Jobs for Retired Educators

Not All Education Jobs are in the Classroom

There are jobs for retired educators that are outside of the classroom. If you have worked in elementary, secondary or higher education, you might be thinking of working as a substitute or an adjunct.

While these are opportunities for part time employment, I recommend that you think more broadly.

A search for education jobs on brought up numerous postings that might be of interest to former educators. They provide new experiences while also providing income.

All of the employers posting the openings might welcome mature applicants with a background in education.

Job Titles for Retired Educators

  • ESL Tutor
  • After School Enrichment Teacher
  • Library Clerk
  • Refugee Youth Program Assistant
  • Pre-school Teacher
  • Swimming Coach
  • Prison Educator
  • Tutoring Center Teacher
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Independent Living Specialist
  • Health and Safety Instructor
  • Dog Trainer
  • Test Center Administrator
  • Museum Educator

Working Part Time in Retirement

Remember applying for jobs is a lot like dating. If it turns out the job is not of interest, you can always say no!

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