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All of Dr. Kolb’s marketing and strategy books demonstrate her unique view of the world and are written for creative people in any industry that finds the usual type of business book does not speak to them.

Dr. Kolb has lived in may locations including the Alaskan Bush, London W1, San Francisco and Yuma, Arizona. Almaty Kazakhstan, Tallinn Estonia and Gwangju Korea are just some of the unique places she have taught and spoken. As she was told by her first editor – interesting people, write interesting books.

The blurb…

A successful marketing strategy is a vital aspect of any business. This book provides students and potential managers in the creative industries with a solid grounding in how to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts across a range of business types in the creative and cultural industries.

With a range of learning exercises and real-life examples, this text shows how to create and execute successful marketing plans for creative businesses and is useful for marketing students and practitioners.

The reviews…

‘Dr. Kolb has lead the development of educational tools to support the cultural and creative industries. This book is essential reading for the classroom, as well as for incubators and entrepreneurs. It puts marketing strategy at the center stage of any successful venture in the CCI and provides a precise roadmap to achieve it.’ – Javier Hernández-Acosta, Professor, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and Consultant for cultural and creative industries, Puerto Rico.

‘Up to date, excellent and timely, this text uniquely addresses the development of marketing plans for companies from within the creative and cultural sector. The book is full of teaching aids with a structure to encourage integrated practice and theoretical learning. I strongly recommend this book for all students in the field of creative business.’ – Paul M.W. Hackett, Faculty, Emerson College, USA and Academic Visitor, Oxford University, UK

‘The field of arts marketing is a hugely important area for constructing knowledge about the arts. With this practical guide to understanding the application of marketing in the arts, Bonita Kolb makes a significant contribution to this field.’ –  Peter Zackariasson, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Other Recent Publications

Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns: Using Social Media to Co-Create Authentic Tourism Experiences, 2nd Ed. Forthcoming 2017.

“Social Media and the Desire for Authentic Travel Experiences” in Routledge Handbook of Consumer Behavior in Hospitality and Tourism. 2016.

Marketing Strategy for the Creative and Cultural Industries. 2016.

Entrepreneurship in the Creative and Cultural Industries. 2015 [Note: To be translated into Chinese in 2017].

Marketing for Cultural Organizations: New Strategies for Attracting Audiences. 3rd Ed. 2013.

“Using Social Media to Enhance the Attendance Experience” in Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing. 2013.

“Marketing Research for Non-Profit Community and Creative Organizations” 2008.

“Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns: Using Branding and Events to Attract Tourists” 2006 [Also translated into Chinese].


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  1. Very interested in the marketing resources you mentioned that are available on your website. Great speaking with you at the Christmas Marketing Association Mixer.

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