Marketing to Generation Z

Get Ready for Generation Z!

millenial-touristsEveryone is always talking about the Millennials; travelers aged 20-29. We know what they want, which is a unique and personalized travel experience. The hotel industry has responded by creating lifestyle hotel brands specifically targeted at Millennials. Now it is time to market to Generation Z.

Generation Z Makes the Travel Decisions

gen-zHowever, there is another group that is usually neglected. Gen Z is the title being given to those aged 10-19. In the United States there are almost as many members of Gen Z (41.8 million) as Millennials (42.6 million).

Of course most members of Gen Z are too young to have their own money to spend. However 93% of Gen Z influence the purchasing decisions of their parents, who do have the money to spend on travel. This influence is not just an American phenomenon. Research has found that Chinese teens are motivating their families to travel to international destinations.

Attracting Generation Z? Here’s How!

Convention and Visitor Bureaus in the United States are now planning events that are targeted as this group. They are doing so not just for the immediate income. Instead they are targeting Gen Z because they are hoping that if they have an enjoyable experience these young people will come back again as adults. So what type of experiences do these teen travelers want?

skateboardingSporting events targeted at younger audiences such as Lacrosse and surfing are successful in attracting Gen Z visitors.

Competitions, such as dance, singing and cheer leading are also popular.

Add a ‘Con’ to It!

comic-conFinally, any ‘Con’s’ such as VidCon, BlizzCon and ComicCon will attract the teen crowd.

Questions for Tourism Marketers to Consider

Do we have some events that we can target at teens?

What type of new events using local culture could be created?

Are there current pop culture trends that we could incorporate into existing events that would motivate teens to attend?