Hotels Redefine Hospitality

The hotel industry continues to redefine hospitality as society changes. Some of the trends to watch for are co-working, providing experiences beyond the hotel and local means serving locals. All revolve around the concept of hospitality rediscovering its roots. Hospitality is not just about serving the people who need a bed for the night. Hospitality is being redefined as serving all the needs of the guests and reaching out to local residents to also serve their needs.

Co-working Spaces in Hotels

Co-working spaces are of interest to people who work remotely and don’t have a company office. But they are also popular because people like the energy that results from working together. Hotels are responding by adding more communal spaces rather than assuming that people want to work in their rooms.



Experiences Beyond the Hotel

People want local experiences when they stay in a community. Rather than just have a concierge that tells people what to see and do, hotels are starting to create their own experiences that they can then sell to visitors. Local isn’t just using local art for decoration and local food in the kitchen.

Hotels Serving the Locals

While hotels are creating tours to gain more revenue from guests they have traditionally ignored the local community. They may have contributed to local charity. They may also book meeting rooms for local organizations. Now hotels are considering how they can extend hospitality by providing services to the hundreds of business people who work in the buildings around the hotel. This includes use of a hotel room for freshening up before an evening event, use of the gym facilities or package delivery.