A Travel Agency? A Bar? or Both!

Before the internet the only way to book a trip was to use a professional travel agency who had the knowledge and the tools to make the airline and hotel reservations. The number of travel agencies peaked in the US in 1997.

However less than half were in business in 2012! What happened? People could find information and book everything online.

Travel Agencies are Back!

Why then are some travel agencies making a comeback? There is now way too much information! Travelers no longer have the time to wade through it all to create their own unique travel experience. The busy Millennial doesn’t have time to do their own taxes, shop for their own groceries or clean their own home. They rely on professionals for these tasks for which they either are not equipped or do not have the time to perform. No is the time for the resurgence of the travel agency!

Departure Lounge

Called by different brand names, but often referred to as Departure Lounges, the new travel agency looks like a upscale bar and sells craft beer, wine and upscale cocktails.

They also have travel consultants who will take over the task of designing a personalized itinerary. These new travel agencies also hold special nights to learn about travel to exotic locations. Family events are held where children are involved in the planning.

Spending Money on Travel

Does it work? Eighty per cent of clients who come in to meet with a travel consultant end up booking a trip.

The average cost of the trip $10,000! There are no fees for the traveler, but the departure lounges do make money on the high priced drinks they sell. But if you are going to book a $10,000 trip, you are not going to complain about the cost of a drink.

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