Travel Technology: Concierge You Can Wear

The Digital Concierge Has Arrived

Consumers now have  information at their fingertips. Want to know the weather? Any traffic delays ahead? Find the best hotel? All they need to do is check their phone.

Travel Technology Targeting the Travel Experience

Travelers want a personalized experience that meets their lifestyle and activity preferences. This is true whether they are single travelers or families. Cruise companies have responded by adding unique experiences both on and off board that focus on anything from nightlife to environmental issues to volunteer opportunities.

Destination Information Overload

Travelers want to get the most from their cruise experience but don’t want to waste anytime searching, and possibly missing, an event. With today’s huge cruise ships and varied opportunities, how do people know where to go and what to do?

Digital Concierge

Technology presented the answer with a wearable medallion that is a personal concierge. It allows travelers to know where they are on the ship and help them to navigate to where they want to go. Locate friends and family. Book dinner and spa reservations. Provide virtual experiences of excursions before they are booked. As the software learns the travelers’ preferences it will make customize recommendations of where to go and what to see.

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