Video Email

No One Wants to Read an Email Anymore

A hotel, attraction or event understands that they must have a message that resonates with their targeted visitors. They may spend considerable time researching to get just the right words that describe the benefits they will provide. But what if no one reads the email? Video email may be the answer!

Calls to Action Work!

Potential visitors want information and the hospitality industry makes the request process simple. Calls to action are embedded on websites and social media. It is quick and easy for an interested potential visitor to request an email with more information.

But Emails Aren’t Read

The problem is that even though the information was requested it is not read. Why? First, people are busy. Second, the desire has passed. Third, no one wants to read.

As we have become to increasingly rely on visual communication, people have less patience with the written word. The old saying, that a picture is worth a thousand words has always been true, but now even more so.

Video Email Gets Action

It is known that having the word video in a subject line increases the open rate. The new forms of video email marketing have the video play immediately when the email is clicked.

The reader/viewer can immediately see smiling visitors, beautiful scenery and exciting action!

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