Why Do Customers Walk Out?

Every business in hospitality dreads when customers walk out. A survey was conducted to ask what would make a person walk out of a restaurant, whether it was fast food or fine dining. Customers walk out because of staff unfriendliness, poor quality of food, poor quality of service and, worst of all, lack of cleanliness.

Unfriendly Staff

21% of those surveyed said that unfriendly staff attitude was a reason they would walk out. Staff can follow all the correct procedures but if their attitude reveals they don’t care about the customers, it shows.

Poor Food Quality

23% stated that if the quality of the food disappoints they may leave, and certainly won’t be back. People understand that the quality depends on the type or restaurant, but expect the level promised.

Poor Service Quality

26% would leave if the service is poor. This reason is different from unfriendly staff. This has to do with how the service is given and also if the diner is given what they want when it is requested.

Lack of Cleanliness

30% of those surveyed said they would leave if everything from the windows in the front of the restaurant to the restrooms in the back is dirty.

After all, if the restaurant doesn’t keep the places customers see clean, heaven knows what the kitchen looks like!


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