Working in Retirement Means a New Career

 Rather than Retire – Start Over

If you are still working full time it may be time to start thinking about what you want to do next. Surprisingly, according to AARP almost 40% of workers are already changing careers – not just jobs – after they turn 50. In addition, 30% of those working in retirement start to work in a new field. So, change is the new norm. Why are older people changing their career fields?

They Want Them Young

One reason is that management in their area of expertise may prefer younger workers. This can be particularly true in fields such as technology and design. While not actively discriminating against older workers, it may be believed that younger workers will have more up to date skills. Management may also believe that younger workers are more tuned in to new trends. This can make it difficult for an older worker to feel valued.

Older Workers Have Nothing Left to Prove

Secondly, an older worker may be looking for a career that is less stressful. It is part of the human condition for young people to want to prove their competence. New projects that require long hours are taken on simply for the challenge. They desire to prove that they can get it done. An older worker has already learned their capabilities through taking on challenges and succeeding and, sometimes, failing.

There is Still Something to Prove

However, a third reason may be that the older worker has wanted to take on a challenge that in the past was not possible due to financial or family obligations. It may be being an entrepreneur, a flight attendant or a park ranger. Rather than believe it is too late, today’s older worker believes they still have time.

So the old belief that change is for the young no longer applies!

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