Working Part Time In Retirement

Being Part of a Team Even When Retired

According to a WSJ article, Nolan Ryan, one of the most celebrated baseball pitchers of all time, said it best. When you put on the uniform it doesn’t matter if you are the greatest player or sit on the bench, you are still part of a team. When Ryan retired from baseball, he found that being part of a team with shared goals was what he missed the most.

One reason people work in retirement is to regain that feeling of being part of a team. It doesn’t matter if you loved your job, or it just gave you something to grumble about when you got home, you belonged. Starting work with another organization, even just part time, can give a retiree that same feeling. You may no longer be management giving the orders, but you still have colleagues and a sense of shared identity.

It’s the Organization Not the Title That Matters


So, when looking for part time work, focus on organizations that you find of interest rather than just focus on the job title. Choose an organization about which you will want to learn more and share what you have learned with friends and family.

Join Me at Nashville Community Education

The growth of the economy in Nashville has resulted in many new part time employment opportunities in fields from hospitality to logistics. These jobs are an excellent way to supplement retirement income while providing social engagement and again being part of a team.

I will be teaching a two-session course where the first session will help you assess the skills you have to offer an employer. You will then determine which job posting sites have employment opportunities that match your skills.

The second session will provide practical information on application forms and short resumes along with a hands on experience applying for jobs.

You can enroll at the following link: Click Here


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